How have the Anti-racist Art Education Action Checklists impacted?

Every year we pledge to review our Anti-racist Art Education Action (ARAEA) checklists.

The Anti-Racist Art Education Action checklists are a toolkit for art educators to help critically review and revise their art, craft and design curriculums, publications and resources, to become actively anti-racist. And, since their publication in June 2021, the Checklists have remained one of the most downloaded resources on the NSEAD website. 

If you have used or viewed the Checklists, please share your feedback via this very short ARAEA survey. It will take less than 5 minutes to complete, but going forward, your views will have a lasting impact on our anti-racist actions and work. Deadline Friday 10 June.


Since the launch of the ARAEA Checklists we have:

  • Held and filmed an ARAEA panel discussion, streaming as part of our National Conference in July 2021
  • Launched a website section specifically for ARAEA Education
  • Undertaken a complete review of the Oak Academy key stage 3 curriculum and lessons – these now have diversity and representation at their core
  • Published two ARAEA articles in AD magazine
  • Held termly ARAEA meetings


We are:

  • Working to formalise a safe-space group for global majority art educators
  • Commissioning authors for a special issue of AD magazine with ARAEA content from beginning to end
  • Exploring and addressing through our subject and our networks, racist-microagressions in the workplace


Every year we will:

On the anniversary of the brutal killing of George Floyd, 25 May every year, we pledge to review the ARAEA Checklists and identify what impact they may have had. We are now seeking to identify any practice, no matter how small, that advances anti-racism in and through our subject. We plan to feature this work in the ARAEA issue of AD Magazine to be published in 2023.


Image: Hands up, 2021, Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich