Revised advocacy publication: Art, craft & design: A guide for governing boards

NSEAD has collaborated once again with Arts Council England (ACE) and the National Governors' Association (NGA) to update and revise the: Art, craft & design: A guide for governing boards.

The new guide is available to download here: Art, craft and design

The Art, Craft and Design guide for governing boards includes up-to-date information to help governors support and champion art, craft and design provision in their schools. It will help those governors seeking to learn more about our subject and those who seek to know how high-quality art, craft and design can be achieved. For governors working in schools in all phases of learning (up to and including sixth forms) we are sure this guide will help you in this invaluable and key role.

Michele Gregson, General Secretary, NSEAD, said:

This revised guide provides vital advocacy for the place of arts in schools and colleges. Updated to reflect the many changes which have taken place since the first guide was published 2016, the new edition retains the important features, but now adds key subject-specific information which will allow governors to both champion and support the arts in every school. As we recover from the Pandemic, the guidance will help every governor to know how to support teachers, departments and every learner to access, experience and benefit from our amazing subject. Please download our guide and share it with your governing board.'

Steve Edmonds, NGAs Director of Advice and Guidance, said:  

“The opportunity to collaborate with Arts Council England and subject specialists to refresh our cultural education guides for governing boards could not have been more timely. COVID-19 has reminded us of the humanity of schools and how they are about so much more than what can be easily measured.  Those of us who govern have the power and influence to create an amazing legacy for the next generation by supporting our schools to give all pupils, regardless of their backgrounds, access to a range of cultural experiences.  Not only will this raise standards and boost happiness and wellbeing, it also  gives our children and young people something they can take into the next stages of their lives: a sense of community and belonging. Whether it is through promoting music, dance, art or design, I can think of no better reason for making cultural education a fundamental part of the future vision for our schools and trusts”.


Download all four of the revised guides

Arts, culture and creativity >

Art, craft and design >

Dance >

Music >

These guides have been developed in partnership by Arts Council England and the National Governors Association alongside key subject associations, National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD), One Dance UK and Music Mark.