A tribute to Julia Page

It is with great sadness to report that our dear friend and colleague Julia Page recently passed away in March 2023 after a long and debilitating illness. Despite that, she never lost her dignity, vivacity and style and fought hard to maintain friendships and attend NSEAD South East and London events, despite more recent mobility challenges.

Passionate about art, craft and design education and pupil entitlement, Julia was subject leader at Stratford School, Newham, before becoming an OFSTED Inspector and adviser in the London Borough of Enfield for well over 20 years before her retirement.

While at Enfield, Julia was strongly committed to multicultural education (as it was then known) and with this aim in mind, was instrumental in targeting funding to develop a programme of artists in residence. 

A previous member of NSEAD and long standing and active member of A4 (Association of Advisers and Inspectors of Art and Design), she was for a number of years, Chair of the London and South East Region which she represented on the National Executive.

Always her own woman in an overwhelmingly male dominated arena at the time; powerful in her convictions and opinions, Julia was a staunch advocate for women, equality issues and social injustice. 

She had high standards and expectations and up to the end, she was active on social media commenting on social injustice and political issues that greatly concerned her.

Julia was a strongly independent and private person, but also fun loving and party going, always fashionably dressed. She enjoyed driving her sports car and feeling the wind in her hair. She valued the company of friends and loved the south of France. Her vivacity, wit and perceptiveness will be missed both personally and in terms of her contribution to A4 Conferences and to art, craft and design education.