We need art at the heart of recovery

The education recovery programme must have making and creative activity at its heart

This week, the Crafts Council, NSEAD and the Design and Technology Association (D&TA) have written to Kevan Collins, the newly appointed Education Recovery Commissioner, offering our support to ensure that making and creative activity are at the heart of any programme.

We know that pupils of all ages have had extremely reduced access to the specialist materials, equipment, spaces and provision necessary for them to access art, craft and design education. Children and young people in households with limited space and income have been particularly disadvantaged. The benefits of engaging in practical, creative making activity are well documented. Education in this area is vital to develop industry specific skills, but also as an aid to recovery, promoting good mental health and well-being, and a wide range of vital transferable skills. We know the power of non-verbal activity - thinking, expressing, feeling, reacting - and the unique contribution of art, craft and design education. Children and young people need this activity like never before.

The Crafts Council, NSEAD and D&TA are committed to working with the DFE and school stakeholders to find creative ways forward.