RSA publish 'Arts-rich schools' report

In the context of the RSA's Learning About Culture' large-scale project, this new report titled 'Arts-rich schools', looks at the experiences of schools who are already offering their pupils an arts-rich experience across the curriculum.

Learning About Culture, is an on-going UK-wide large-scale study into understanding the value and impact of arts-based learning, particularly for children experiencing disadvantage.

The 'Arts-rich schools' report, published 27 January 2020, provides eight case studies from the perspectives of headteachers who have committed whole-heartedly to an arts-rich education and share some of the strategies they are using to deliver their vision.

The RSA were interested in schools that had a highly developed arts-based pedagogy that shaped their school curriculum, and schools that had sought to prioritise teaching a wide range of high-quality arts subjects. In practice, these were often found together, as part of an arts-rich offer which influenced pedagogy throughout the schools.

The common strategies used by schools to maintain a strong arts offer included:

  • Giving the arts high status within their school
  • Prioritising dedicated arts spaces
  • Developing a range of partnerships to facilitate curricular and extra-curricular offer
  • Maintaining curriculum breadth at secondary school
  • Prioritising specialist staff
  • Timetabling to put the arts at the centre of school life

Follow this link to learn more about the project, the methodology used and the report's findings.