The Life After Lockdown Project

Art and design students across the UK are being given the opportunity to participate in an online exhibition, with the launch of the Life After Lockdown Project

Students, aged 16-19, have missed out on completing their GCSE or A Level courses when their term was cut short and exams cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Life After Lockdown project asks students to imagine life after the Lockdown and seeks to gain young people’s unique perspective on the Coronavirus and how life may change in the aftermath.

Project director Kevin Mathieson said, 

‘I am excited to see the responses from all of these talented students. The truth is, the impact of what we are going through is going to affect their lives more than mine and they will hopefully have a chance to change society for the better as we get through this crisis.

‘For some young people, the experience of lockdown will be profound. They may have endured loss, anxiety and grief. They may also have witnessed or taken part in acts of love and selfless acts of great kindness, compassion and care.’

Many of these young people may to go on to study A Level, BTEC or begin a course in art and design at Higher Education. The project seeks to support these young people in advancing their creative progress and sustaining a personal commitment to their creative development.

The Life After Lockdown Project has been developed by a group of former art and design consultants and educators with the support/collaboration of NSEAD.

Michele Gregson General Secretary of NSEAD said:

 ‘The society is delighted to be part of this initiative. Life After Lockdown provides a space and place for young artists to present work that deals with the impact of Covid-19 on their lives, and their hopes for the future that will emerge. I’m proud to be part of an education community that has the expertise and spirit to initiate such a high quality programme at a time when it is most needed.’

The project launched on 13 May 2020

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