Nick Gibb MP invites NSEAD to discuss a new curriculum for art & design

Following a recent meeting where NSEAD president Liz Macfarlane met with Jane Hunt MP, the Society has been invited by Nick Gibb, Minister for School Standards, to meet with the Department of Education to discuss proposals for the art and design curriculum.

When Jane Hunt and Liz Macfarlane met, they discussed the need for a fit for purpose art and design curriculum. Subsequent communications led to Jane Hunt seeing an early draft of the work of the Special Interest Group for Best Practice.The Group have been writing and creating what they have termed a Landscape for art, craft and design in schools

Jane Hunt in turn has written to Nick Gibb and we are delighted that sight of the impressive SIG work has led to this meeting. We very much hope this will enable the Department of Education to create a fit-for-purpose, 21-century art and design curriculum.

Please visit our Governance section to find more information about the NSEAD Special Interest Groups.