Oak National Academy to Become Arm's Length Body to DfE

Oak National Academy has been chosen to become an independent government body, focused on supporting teachers.

We are very pleased to continue to work with Oak National Academy as they become an Arm's Length Body to the DfE. We will continue to represent our subject and teachers through this new body. 'For teachers, by teachers' remains our mantra and we will continue to work with Oak to further this work . 

Subject Associations, including NSEAD have been key partners in the development of the Oak curriculum resources, NSEAD are proud to have worked with our members to create resources that encourage a plurality of approach, and modelled good practice, fully supported and encouraged in this approach by the Oak team. We are delighted that the achievements of the Oak National Academy have been recognised by the DFE, and that this excellent work will continue, supported by Oak partners. 

We welcome the Secretary of State's commitment to reduce workload. However, Oak content should be seen as a starting point to inspire and empower teachers to develop their own, locally relevant curriculum. The Oak lessons, pedagogical framework and curriculum map are a tool in the teacher's toolbox, a starting point for professional development, rather than an off-the-shelf solution. Pre-recorded lessons can never replace teachers. 

We also applaud the Government's aim to increase teacher's starting salary but will continue to call for the government to include art and design. We are a priority and do not agree with any initiatives which do not level the subject playing field. 

We support the Government's initiative to strengthen research and develop best practice in the profession - but again will call on the DfE to ensure this includes supporting teachers in all subjects.