Show and Tell exhibition

The first Show and Tell 'How are you feeling?' exhibition is ready!

Organised by The Photography Movement, images – described as 'astounding' 'haunting' beautiful' – were taken in Lockdown by photographers as young as 10 years old. Eighty-three images were shortlisted from over 22,000 entries. View all finalists here.

Photographers, journalists, presenters, and NSEAD's deputy general secretary, were enlisted to help choose 15 images which appeared last week on billboards (now shared on Instagram). 

Rankin, who was one of the judges, said:  'I was deeply impressed by how these kids channeled their emotions through photography. Their ability to make beautiful art out of this ugly moment reinforces how powerful art can be. I was really inspired.' 

Show and Tell wants to give young people a bigger voice through photograhy, and together with the invaluable support of art educators - they are doing just that!