Summer assessments will be based on teachers' judgements

Ofqual today announced the outcome of the consultation on arrangements for regulated qualifications in 2021

We are pleased to see that results will be based  on teachers’ judgements about their students’ performance - we believe that this is the fairest solution. .NSEAD’s suggestions regarding external moderation, advice for centres and recommendations that VTQs also be based on teacher judgements are reflected in the decisions outlined by Ofqual today.

We recognise that the dates for  GCSE and A Level results  will place pressure on centres, but feel that this is necessary if centres are to have the maximum amount of time available for teaching before submission of grades on 18 June and allowing sufficient time for a robust appeals process to be completed by 18 August, avoiding the difficulties for UCAS and student admissions that we saw last summer.

Art and Design will be subject to the same arrangements for sampling as all other subjects. For Art and Design examinations a system of  sampling by visiting experts is entirely familiar of course. The key difference this year is that not all centres will receive a visit, (but should manage the assessment process as if they might).

The concern remains that those students who have had limited access to specialist equipment and resources and/or have struggled to access or engage with remote learning, will be seriously disadvantaged. We hope that centres are allowed to exercise their judgement about the potential of their students when making assessment decisions. In the absence of a special consideration process, we hope that centres will  be encouraged by Ofqual and the examination boards to take into account all circumstances that have impacted on  their students.

Subject specific guidance to support teachers in their judgements, and general guidance for centres will be provided following a two week technical consultation. It is expected that final arrangements, subject specific detail and guidance will be finalised before the end of March.

The full set of documents and information from Ofqual and the DFE can be found on our examinations update page.: