International Journal of Art & Design Education

2020 - Volume 39: Number 1

Jeff Adams Editorial: Art & solidarity

Jeremy Kerr and Gillian Lawson Augmented Reality in Design Education: Landscape Architecture Studies as AR Experience

Alexandra Crosby, Kane Pham, J. Fiona Peterson and Thomas Lee Digital Work Practices: Affordances in Design Education

Joyce Bernstein Howell Element-and-Principles Instruction, Perceptual Drawing and Paul Klee’s Pedagogical Sketchbook 

Will Grant Liberal Ideals, Postmodern Practice: A Working Paradox for the Future of Secondary School Art Education on in England?

Gemma París and Penny Hay 5x5x5=Creavtivity: Art as a Transformative Practice

Aoife Keogh Art as Activism #stateofheart : The Art Teachers Association of Ireland’s campaign towards reform of the Leaving Certificate of Art Curriculum

Beth Pickard The Process, Challenges and Opportunities of Developing a Curriculum in a Creative and Therapeautic Arts Undergraduate Degree Programme

Chahid Akoury Apprehending the Creative Process through Drawing in the Foundation Design Studio

Martin Blok Johansen ‘You can always see it from a different angle’: – Art as Resistance

Kylie Brown and Ilya Fridman Transforming Feedback: An Application Framework for Group Feedback Videos in Design 

Talita Groenendijk, Andrea Kárpárti Self-Assessment in Art Education through a Visual Rubric  and Folkert Haanstra

Rehab Aburas Student Interior Design Projects in Saudi Arabia 

Victoria Pavlou Art Technology Integra on: Digital Storytellying as a Transformative Pedagogy in Primary Education

Aktan Acar and A. Şebnem Soysal Acar Neuropsychological Assessment of First-Year Architecture Students’ Visuospatial Abilities: Overview 

Abbey MacDonald, Kit Wise, Louise Wallis, Kate Tregloan, Wendy Fountain and Neil Holmstrom Designing STEAM Education: Fostering Relationality through Design-Led Disruption

Cristán Silva Pacheco Art Education for the Development of Complex Thinking Metacompetence: A Theoretical Approach 

Sinikka Hannele Pöllänen Perspectives on Multi-Material Craft in Basic Education

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