International Journal of Art & Design Education

2020 Volume 39: Number 2

Jeff Adams Planting Critical Ideas: Artists Reconfiguring the Environmental Crisis

Finola Mc Ternan Time and Space: Access and the Lifecycle of the Art Student 

Willem de Bruijn The Collage Workshop: Exploring the Image as Argumentative Tool 

Brenda Saris A Review of Engagement with Creativity and Creative Design Processes for Visual Communication Design (VCD) Learning in China

Michelle Fava A Decline in Drawing Ability? 

Chris Owen Through a Glass Darkly: The Teaching and Assessment of Drawing Skills in the UK Post-16 Art & Design Curriculum Camilo Salazar Ferro, Active Learning in Architectural Education:

Carolina M. Rodriguez and Isabel Artega Arredondo, A Participatory Design Experience (PDE) in Colombia 

Daniel H. Nadal and Erenalp Büyüktopcu  The Potential for Collectively Produced

Zeliha Bayrakçı Architectural Narratives: from the Market to Education in the Design Studio 

Barbara Piscitelli ‘The best day in my whole entire life’ – Young Children, Wellbeing and the Arts 

Diana Soares, Paula Carvalho Designing Learning Outcomes in Design Higher and Diana Dias Education Curricula 

Anthony Ruck Artwashing Education? 

Anne Schiffer Issues of Power and Representation: Adapting Positionality and Reflexivity in Community-Based Design 

J. David Carlson and Terry Dobson Fostering Empathy through an Inclusive Pedagogy for Career Creatives 

Ning Luo and Chung-Yim Lau Community-Based Art Education in China: Practices, Issues and Challenges 

Grant Ellmers and Marius Foley Developing Expertise: Benefits of Generalising Learning from the Graphic Design Project 


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