International Journal of Art & Design Education

2021 Volume 40: Number 1

Bronwen Low and Melissa Proietti – Dissensus, Street Art and School Change

Philip Crowther and Sarah Briant – Predicting Academic Success: A Longitudinal Study of University Design Students

Carmen Gómez-Redondo, Lucía Valle-Gómez and Olaia Fontal – Artistic Techniques in Heritage Education: An Exploratory SHEO-Based Study

Rie Kijima and Kathy Liu Sun – ‘Females Don’t Need to be Reluctant’: Employing Design Thinking to Harness Creative Confidence and Interest in STEAM

Melissa Bremmer, Emiel Heijnen and  Sanne Kersten – Teacher as Conceptual Artist 

Michele Sinico – Scientific Phenomenology in Design Pedagogy: The Legacy of Walter Gropius and Gestalt Psychology

Alisa Tóth, Gyöngyvér Molnár and Andrea Kárpáti – Learning about Colour – the Legacy of the Bauhaus Masters 

Engin Kapkın and Sharon Joines The Design Brief as a Creativity Catalyst in Design Education: Priming through Problem Statement

James Thompson, Tarek Teba and Roberto Braglia – Qualified Satisfaction: First-Year Architecture Student Perceptions of Teamwork

Siu-Kit Lau, Noopur Joshi and Ming Fai Pang – Visual Instruction to Enhance Teaching of Technical Subject to Design Students

Rebecca McLaughlan, Alan Pert and Jason M. Lodge – Productive Uncertainty: The Pedagogical Benefits of Co-Creating Research in the Design Studio 

Tiffany Shuang-Ching Lee Getty Museum Family Room – Educational Issues on Scaffolding and Transfer of Learning 

Margaret Rynning Local Traditions and Global Inspiration: Design Students in Singapore and Norway 

Mirian Calvo and Madeleine Sclater – Creating Spaces for Collaboration in Community Co-design 

Aminreza Iranmanesh and Zeynep Onur – Mandatory Virtual Design Studio for All: Exploring the Transformations of Architectural Education amidst the Global Pandemic 

Fato Adilolu, Fabio Fragiacomo and Fabiano Petricone – Distance Artist: Building the Skills of Future Creatives.Developing Evidence-Based Criteria for Global Virtual Team Tutoring and Management in Art and Design Education 

Noor Aldoy and Mark Andrew Evans –  An Investigation into a Digital Strategy for Industrial Design Education