The Black British Voices Project

The Black British Voices Project, is a 104-page report (published September 2023) reveals that extremely high levels of distrust and discrimination are still felt deeply across Black British communities when it comes to systems such as health, education and criminal justice.

Early interviews for the Black British Voices Project (BBVP) began in 2020, with a survey launching the following year. The findings, which bring together over 10,000 voices from Black Communities across the UK. 

A significant section in the report shares key findings on education. The report's authors write:

'95% of participants perceive the British national curriculum to inadequately accommodate Black history-related subjects. BBVP Participants recommended the hiring of more Black teachers and major reforms of British educational institutions to address these longstanding shortcomings. ' p. 45

'The topic of Education elicited some of the strongest responses in both the survey and the interviews for this project. Feelings of disappointment, distrust and disillusionment featured prominently in the data set.' p. 48

'Although more than 84% of survey respondents agreed that ‘recruiting more Black teachers in schools will help to improve educational outcomes of Black students’, this aspiration was somewhat countered by the profound lack of confidence in the ability of educational institutions to change which also emerges from the survey.' p. 47

The report is published by University of Cambridge in collaboration with the the Voice, and London-based management consultancy i-Cubed.


Read more and download the report here