Issue 30

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  • Gallery round-up

  • Hands-on in the classroom – Mixed-media portraits inspired by Joan Eardley Karen Lloyd describes a project with Year 4 children

  • Dance – The magic of Flamenco
    Kate Allen describes a workshop where children explored the mixed-media opportunities of Flamenco

  • After-school clubs – Egyptian art
    Kerry O’Brien writes about an initiative to bring artists and out of school settings together

  • Llanfabon Art Extravaganza (Mini-poster)
    Jane Davies writes of her experience of raising standards and achievement in art at Llanfabon Infants school

  • KS2 collaborating with KS3 – Hundertwasser
    Anne and Peter Wilford planned projects to enhance pupils’ visual creativity and involve them in enjoyable studio practice

  • Core skills – Taking the pain out of painting!
    Loren Fenwick describes a project with a transition from colour mixing to collage

  • RE in art – creative learning through religious education
    Anita Chamberlain and Maggie Northcott reflect on an art and religious education research project

  • Literacy KS1 – Art into words
    Gallery educators Linsey Milnes and Penny Jones describe how a gallery visit can support literacy learning at key stage 1

  • Book reviews

  • Poster
    Vivid volcanoes