Issue 37

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  • Gallery round-up

  • Scintillating cells
    Anne Wilford shares her enthusiasm for working with an imaginative laminated tissue-effect technique

  • Make time for art!
    Paula Hunt explains how she has tackled continuity and progression through teaching

  • Uncovering and using secret collections
    Giles Hughes shares his passion for inspiring art teaching using the resources on his doorstep

  • From drawing to print
    Ian Shearman explains how a group of gifted and talented pupils were inspired by visiting an exhibition at the British Museum

  • Shakespeare through sculpture
    Sarah Baker shares a recently introduced creative intervention programme that she runs

  • A space for art?
    Debbie Carmichael talks about raising standards of art in her school

  • Creativity: a case study
    Debbie Carmichael explores the tricky area of art and design assessment

  • A tree for all seasons
    Gillian Bathe shares the story of the creation of an altar front made from felt

  • Artists into schools
    Karen Lloyd describes the ‘Creative Futures Cumbria Mentoring Programme’

  • Book and product reviews

  • Poster 
    Warp + Weft