Values versus conflicts as an artist-teacher-researcher in ACL

This presentation outlines Catherine Ross' values as an artist-teacher-researcher and associated conflicts


This presentation outlines my values as an artist-teacher-researcher and associated conflicts. Values are defined as fundamental beliefs which act as guides for our actions and attitudes (Mintz 2018). Conflicts indicate disagreements between protagonists due to mismatched goals (Herbert 2017).

The talk uses my art-based PhD investigation into liminality to make meaning of these shifts. Liminality derives from the word‘limin,’ Latin for threshold.

The presentation closes by offering guidance on how liminality can be a powerful tool in understanding values and conflicts as an artist-teacher practitioner.


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Catherine Ross is an artist working in multiple media. Autoethnography, pedagogy, psychogeography, and phenomenology inspire her practice. 

Catherine has a B.A. (Hons) in Fine Art and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Art and Design). 

She is an experienced lecturer with a M.A. in Education (distinction, 2018), facilitating learning at Further and Higher Education institutions.

Midway through a Fine Art PhD she is exploring if the boundary between art and liminality can alter perception. In digital photography, printmaking, social media, sound, and walking Catherine is investigating liminal, transformative threshold states and places.


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