Contemporary craft, a commemorative wall hanging and a community exhibition

Created by Louise Gill

What was the school trying to achieve?

The project was a collaborative venture between the Yoxall Community Crafts group and thirty pupils on the enrichment programme, ten from each year at key stage three. The Art and Design department was keen to promote local artists, designers and craftspeople, and also wished to display artwork to raise community awareness of the lively, engaging cultural projects that take place in the vicinity.

The staff wished to give learners opportunities to explore new techniques and processes and ‘take risks’ with new materials, modifying designs where necessary. They wanted to provide an opportunity for learners to work on a live brief and to become aware of the constraints and demands associated with working for a client. As working within a team was crucial to the development of the overall design, learners would have to accept and reject ideas, and develop their critical awareness in order to complete the outcome.

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