Using a Local Landmark as a Focus for an Art and Design Project

Created by Alex Ashton

What was the school trying to achieve?

This was a Year 9 project. The aim was for the students to present a personal perspective on a public space. The project used the local canal as the focus for recording and observation skills, researching into its history and significance for the city: the objective was to develop painting skills and techniques. Students needed to learn to use acrylic paints - techniques such as modeling, blending, scumbling and impasto, and with watercolour, glazing, washes, transparent layers, and how to capitalise on spontaneous marks. Their ideas were then extended through workshops with a local artist, and through a screen print workshop with an artist. They designed and produced T-shirts, with the aim of developing a harmonious final piece which combined the various elements together using a variety painting, printing and mixed media techniques.

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