Identity – A Year 7 cross-curricular project

Created by Sam Eyre and Richard Marks

What did the school want to achieve?

Three large curriculum areas decided to dedicate the whole first term to working together – The Expressive Arts – art, photography, music, drama and dance and humanities – geography, history, citizenship and beliefs and values and English and media. We wanted to concentrate on the following aims:

• To give students a greater sense of their personal, local, national and international sense of identity and raise their aspirations

• To explore a more consistent, collaborative approach to teaching and learning 

• Explore new media, technologies across all subjects and embedding this in the curriculum.

As part of the media status it was also decided to explore and develop new technologies – digital art, photography, animation, video and ICT in creating exciting outcomes, not just within the arts but across all subjects areas enabling staff to gain extra CPD and make the best use of the facilities available in school.

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