KS3 (ages 11-14+)

Resources for early secondary-phase learners P7 and S1+

Designing Decades


The Fashion and Textile Museum have compiled a selection of excerpts from their best-selling book, How to Draw Like a Fashion Designer. Written by the Fashion and Textile Museum’s Head of Exhibitions, Dennis Nothdruft, guides you through the whole process of drawing for fashion design. They have included designing tips from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Worksheets available to download.


Show and Tell, organised by The Photography Movement


The Photography Movement have teamed up with world-leading photographers, including Rankin, to create four workshop films which are freely available online. Designed for 11-18 year olds, the Show and Tell workshops and accompanying tasks are teaching children photography techniques (using smartphones) to support their mental wellbeing. The closing date for their Show and Tell exhibition is 10 Jan (14 Jan for NSEAD members) but the resources will be useful for home and remote learning at any time.


Sculpture in the City 


Over 8 chapters, these creative activities provide a learning journey that develop skills and knowledge relating to Art & Design National Curriculum targets.


Design Like Tatty Devine - Crafts Council


This resource has been designed to support teachers to include making activities and discussions into the curriculum - it can enrich your visit to the Misshapes exhibition or be used to trigger independent study in the classroom. The Design Like Tatty Devine Challenge considers the aesthetic qualities of creating your design and the making skills needed to prototype and complete your students’ vision.


Exploration of the Day


In response to the pandemic this website was created by author and artist Keri Smith (Wreck this journal). It aims to bring people closer together during a time of fear and isolation. Keri hopes that by participating in the same assignments we can feel a bit more connected and on a simple level it can give us something else to focus our energy on. She writes: ‘Let us become artists of the everyday and in doing so may we experience a lightness of spirit and a respite from our real world struggles.’


Grayson's Art Club


Grayson Perry, one of Britain's leading artists, brings the nation together through art, making new works and hosting masterclasses set to unleash our collective creativity during lockdown


National Gallery - Make and Create 


Online art tutorials you can easily follow at home. Based around iconic pieces from the National Gallery's collection.


Through the sketchbook


A variety of pages and explanations from sketchbooks with a PDF explaining how artists use sketchbooks. This can be adapted for students. There is also useful links to pages which allows students to access more sketchbook work.

Chris Gozzard, consultant and NSEAD council member


Weaving on a Cardboard Loom - Crafts Council


Weaver Agnis Smallwood has designed this workshop plan to support a teacher to deliver a 50-minute workshop for Key Stage 3. By the end of the workshop your students will have learnt how to weave on cardboard loom.


The Andy Warhol Museum


A brilliant resource for all ages lots of projects!

Chris Gozzard, consultant and NSEAD council member


Curricula for Distance Learning, The Representation Project


This website aims to help the development of children and young people's media literacy and social emotional wellbeing through art and design. (Can be used by KS2 with parental support)

Dr Rachel Payne, Senior Lecturer in Art Education, President NSEAD


Stories: Positives Negatives


PositiveNegatives produce comics, animations and podcasts about contemporary social and humanitarian issues, including conflict, racism, migration and asylum. We combine ethnographic research with illustration, adapting personal stories into art, education and advocacy materials. (Can be used by KS2 with parental support)

Dr Rachel Payne, Senior Lecturer in Art Education, President NSEAD


Google Expeditions


Google Expeditions is an immersive learning and teaching tool that lets you go on VR trips or explore AR objects. The app gives links to an enormous range of virtual resources with pre-written educational materials for teachers and pupils to use. 

Ged Gast, education consultant and Past-president NSEAD


Adobe online resources for teachers and pupils


A range of videos and apps – some are free. Teachers could set challenges using these resources.


Helen Wells Artist 


Helen’s blog shares ways to experiment including ways to work in sketchbooks

Dr Rachel Payne, RNSEAD, President of NSEAD


Pitt Rivers Museum learning resource


The Pitt Rivers Museum learning resource has discrete sections for different educational groups on their main education homepage. They have sketchbook ideas and support with contemporary artists' interpretations of the museum collection.


Art Pedagogy


Playful ideas, activities and creative provocations for students and teachers, parents and guardians. You'll find @ArtPedagogy on Instagram.

Dr Rachel Payne, NSEAD president


DIY Shark Mascot | #RaeburnAtHome


This is the first time they have shared their exclusive #OffCutAnimal workshop documents to the public, in a bid to keep crafting with family and friends. Simply print on any home printer in A4, sticking the pattern pieces as instructed and then draw around them on any unwanted fabrics, off cuts or irreparable garments. You'll then be able to sew your shark together on a domestic sewing machine or by hand at home - from there get creative on your choice of stuffing! Tag them with your sharks at @raeburn_design and using the hashtag #RaeburnAtHome

Juliet Alcaraz, NSEAD Council member

DIY Panda Mascot | #RaeburnAtHome


Following popular demand, the pattern of their #OffCutAnimal panda is now available for free download. Simply print on any home printer in A4, sticking the pattern pieces as instructed and then draw around them on any unwanted fabrics, off cuts or irreparable garments. You'll then be able to sew your panda together on a domestic sewing machine or by hand at home. Finally, get creative on your choice of stuffing. Tag them at @raeburn_design and use the hashtag #RaeburnAtHome. 

Juliet Alcaraz, NSEAD Council member


Artists in Residence


Explore a range of projects that can be completed at home. Find a number of tutorials, projects and resources created by artists and teachers.


Leach Pottery


Design a Pot for Sharing: Schools & Home Challenge. To celebrate Leach Pottery's centenary they invite your school and children who are home learning to take part in our Schools Challenge. From Primary schools to Sixth Forms, students are invited to submit a design for a new ceramic piece, responding to the theme ‘a pot for sharing’.


Waldermar Januszczak – #homeschoooling


The art historian Waldermar Januszczak will be posting images of famous artists on his twitter thread, @JANUSZCZAK using the hashtag #homeschoooling  Children art invited to drawpaint/sculpt a tribute to them. 'Best art'  Januszczak says, 'will get retweeted with my critique'.


Burberry Inspire Digital Project


The Hepworth Wakefield developed a six-week project to support students in art and creativity whilst learning from home during the Covid-19 lockdown. Students were able to connect with practising artists through specially-devised weekly artist-led films and activity sheets that explored a range of accessible, creative activities.