Who is The Big Landscape toolkit for?

It's for trainees, primary teachers, art and design teachers, heads of departments, or anyone leading training in schools, across all phases and sectors.


What will it do?

The Big Landscape will...

  • help build a better understanding of the content, dimensions, scope, and wider aspects of your curriculum.
  • remind us of the importance of determining the values and the ethos we set for learning in our subject.
  • select the relevant knowledge, content and processes to develop the most suitable skills, habits, behaviours and attributes in our learners.
  • empower art educators to choose and use the knowledge of their lived experiences in preference to ‘off-the-shelf’ curriculum models.


Big Landscape news

Currently, 77 Big Landscape Supporters are trying out, exploring and will soon be sharing their Big Landscape feedback. 

These intrepid pioneer supporters are entering The Big Landscape using our three big curriculum toolkit themes – What, Why and How.

They will be covering 38 sections full of art, craft and design information and inspiration.

There are also 180 essential art, craft and design education concepts – just for members to explore.

There are many FAQs.

There is one Big Landscape Map. And... 

One art, craft and design curriculum checklist to help you start your journey.

Thank you to our Big Landscape pioneers – your support, suggestions and steering - will be vital. 

Get Involved

If you interested in becoming a Big Landscape project supporter, sign up to our waiting list now to hear details about getting involved in the next stage of development in 2024.


Who created the Big Landscape?

The Big Landscape is created by the NSEAD Special Interest Group for Better Practice. Members of the group come from across the UK, every phase as well as initial teacher education. Find out more here.