Q: What advice can you give me as a part-time teacher?

Part-time hours and pay have been clarified in the STPCD (School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document), and there will be many references within your contract that are very helpful to part-time staff.

If I work 0.5 of a week, are all my hours half that of a full-time teacher at the school, including hours outside the school day?



If I agree with my school to attend a training day when I do not normally work do I get paid?

YES. You should! No Head teacher can compel a teacher to attend school on a day that they do not ordinarily work.


What happens if the school’s five training days fall on a Monday and the part-time teacher doesn’t work on a Monday; can a HT require them to attend?

No, a HT cannot require them to attend any of those training days, since they are not days they are normally contracted to work. However, a HT can mutually agree with them that they will attend; BUT should then pay them for those extra days according to the national part-time teachers’ pay formula

However – Beware!

There are plenty of examples where members have been coerced into attending something when they need not.

Do not accept this!

Please refer your school to the relevant pages within the STPCD where this information is clear for all to understand.

If you are a part-time teacher, please ensure that you are provided with a written agreed statement regarding working time, including teaching, and leadership and management time where applicable. It should also set out expectations of the school with regards to how they wish to deploy you in respect of directed time.