NSEAD and the Council for Subject Associations

NSEAD is proud to be a member of the UK's Council for Subject Associations.

Members of the Council for Subject Associations (CfSA) provide subject expertise, research informed advice and resources in curriculum, pedagogy, teacher training and teacher development.

Recently there has been a renewed focus on the importance of subject knowledge and curriculum development in schools, colleges and ITE, as illustrated through the Government White Paper ‘Opportunity for All’, the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (EIF), the Core Content Framework for Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and the Early Career Framework for Early Career Teachers (ECTs).

Subject Associations already offer high quality support in this area and continue to build on many years of experience, and the expertise of their members. Busy teachers, subject leaders, managers and teacher trainers can come to subject associations to get support with developing curriculum and finding high quality resources.

Subject Associations have always been important as curators and propagators of teachers’ intellectual curiosity about the interface between subject knowledge and
pedagogy. They have attracted committed and ever more successful teachers to their membership. Their contribution to the transformation of standards in schools is crucial.

You can download the latest CfSA directory here or visit the CfSA website here.