NSEAD Manifesto for Art, Craft and Design Education 2017

The NSEAD’s Manifesto for Art, Craft and Design Education exists to celebrate, signpost and position our subject within the context of ten research evidenced policy proposals to ensure a world-class art, craft and design education for all our learners.

The National Society for Education in Art and Design wants:

1. Acknowledgment that art, craft and design education is vital to our cultures, our society, our economy and ourselves

2. An inclusive curriculum across all phases and levels, and in all schools and settings that is inspirational, aspirational and makes explicit the distinct value and relevance of the subject

3. A universal entitlement to a high quality of subject-specific professional development for teachers and educators

4. A universal entitlement and access to high-quality, regularly updated independent and impartial career development advice and guidance for children and young people

5. An entitlement to high quality of teacher education in partnership with Higher Education Institutions and partnership schools

6. An accountability, assessment and progression system that supports rather than restricts the subject

7. A strategy for equality and underachievement that recognises the inclusivity of art, craft and design

8. Effective and creative partnerships with museums, galleries and practitioners that will provide a bridge into the creative and cultural sectors

9. Champions and advocates from the creative, cultural and education sectors

10. A policy to extend STEM to STEAM by including arts subjects

Read the full Manifesto for Art, Craft and Design Education here