The NSEAD's Manifesto for real change for our subject

The National Society for Education in Art and Design's 10-point manifesto sets out the changes we want for our subject and those that engage it. We have set out the key areas for action. We want to see joined-up strategic thinking from our political leaders.

In the last 10 years policies have impacted on the status of our subject and our professional community has been seriously diminished, and resources have been massively reduced.

As a rapid response to the snap election of 2019, we consulted with with members and updated the NSEAD manifesto of 2017. We have set out the key areas for action that our members, who come from all sectors, regions, nations and phases, demanded. We want to see joined-up strategic thinking from our political leaders. We want their commitment to ensure that art, craft and design is able to thrive as a subject of the utmost and highest national importance.

We are asking for:

A recognition that art, craft and design education is a building block of social cohesion. It underpins our cultures, the economy and is vital for personal development, for health and wellbeing.

A strategy for equality and opportunity in art, craft and design education that encourages diversity, inclusivity and achievement for all learners.

A relevant inclusive and broad and balanced curriculum that makes explicit the distinct value of art, craft and design across all phases, and in all schools and settings.

An entitlement and investment in high-quality, subject-specific professional development that raises standards and improves educator expertise, wellbeing and retention.

A strategy for comprehensive career advice and guidance that can be accessed by all children and young people; with clear routes and pathways into the heritage, cultural, digital and creative industries.

A parity of subject status and access for all to high-quality art, craft and design initial teacher education across all phases.

An accountability, assessment and progression system in each of the four nations, that supports rather than restricts art, craft and design education.

A commitment to support effective and creative partnerships between schools, museums, galleries and practitioners that provide a bridge and open gateway for all into the creative, heritage, digital and cultural sectors.

A strategy for measuring the true value of graduate outcomes and achievement using metrics relevant to employment in the creative industries and other sectors.

A strategy to challenge policies that promote subject hierarchies – a strategy that recognises that art, craft and design education makes the world a better place.

Download the NSEAD 2019 Manifesto here