Workshops included:

Cultural Capital

Explore the essential knowledge that children need to prepare them for their future success. Join Course Facilitator Emily Gopaul to unpack and address Cultural Capital through our subject. 

This workshop will explore how your curriculum allows students to explore the world around them both historically and through contemporary art and culture. 

Colonial Legacy

Join Course Facilitator Frances Akinde to unpack how the lasting influences and outcomes of colonialism and European expansion has impacted our subject. 

This course explores how to acknowledge colonial legacy through the art curriculum and practical guidance on how to plan for contextualising art and artists.


Join Course facilitator Kevin Dalton-Johnson for this workshop on criticality, exploring the capacity and ability to read, write, think, and speak in ways to understand power and equity in order to understand and promote anti-oppression through our subject and curriculums. 

This workshop unpacks how to provide opportunities to discuss, question and explore historical and contemporary issues around race and ethnic identities.


Join course facilitator Frances Akinde to explore intersectionality through our subject and how we can ensure our art curriculums value alternative ways of being and doing in the world. 

This workshop explores how you can ensure your curriculum inspires and acknowledges complex identities to support your student’s learning and support their ability to live, work and socialise in a multicultural country. 

Context and Terminology

Join course facilitator Rayvenn D’Clark to investigate the importance of using correct context and terminology throughout your curriculum and teaching. This course will support you to feel confident in making positive and inclusive changes when interrogating your curriculum. 

Unconscious Bias

Join course facilitator Rayvenn D’Clark to explore how you support yourself and your colleagues to have potentially challenging conversations about unconscious biases. 

This workshop will provide you both practical guidance and advice on how to address potential unconscious biases that are detrimental to our students’ learning and wellbeing. 

Diversity and Belonging

Join course facilitators Marlene Wylie and Clare Stanhope to address how your curriculum includes artists, makers and designers from a range of ethnically diverse communities and provides opportunities to ask about the cultures, makers, artworks and objects that you and your students use.

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